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For scientists

This page invites you to join our team of national and international researchers. If you are eager to work, the quest for excellence, teamwork, innovation, respect for people and the environment are at the heart of your values, you will be welcomed with open arms.

To learn more about us, first click the "About" tab and then "Search" and "Publications". Finally, click "Team", where you can find a colleague.

Our goal is to create a critical mass of researchers allowing us to have access to major research grant programs, whether domestic or international. We want to propose offers with up to 50 specialists from three or four continents. If you read French, download the article: "International Francophone Network of Researchers in Energy (RIFENER)" (PDF), you will also learn about the other objectives of the Chair T3E shared with those of the International Francophone Network of Researchers in Energy (RIFENER).

Looking forward to teaming up with you,

Daniel R. Rousse, ing., Ph.D.
  Titulaire / Head / Director
Chaire de recherche industrielle en technologies de l'énergie et en efficacité énergétique (T3E)
Industrial research chair in technologies of energy and energy efficiency (T3E)
Cátedra de investigación industrial en tecnología de la energía y eficiencia energética (T3E)



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